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I Need Your Help

For the last 3 years working as a spiritual medium I have raised over 10k for different charity’s, thank you to everyone who has helped me and for trusting in me by attending one of the events. This work will continue always.
I have decided that I want to make a real difference and change someone’s life. I would like to help this young lady as she has been on a huge journey and sadly can’t make the final steps on her path due to money. I want to help her have her wish for a Christmas gift this year 2016.
All I ask is £1 from each person the target amount is £6,600 there is already a link for the fund raising page and stands at amount raised so far £255.00 so a long way to go !!!
I for one will donate my profit taken at my next Epsom playhouse show on Thursday 10th November 2016 (after printing and theatre costs)
‘This is not a plea for helping people get cosmetic surgery, it’s about helping this young lady to feel better, not ashamed and that her journey and hard work has been worth it and give her the confidence and self esteem she deserves.

Link to the Given Page

My last you tube video about my skin; (hazes last video she shot)

I feel its easier to hear Hazes Story from her
And here are some photos-


I had life changing Bariatric surgery September 3rd 2013.
In the next ten months, I quickly lost 12 and a half stone. It feels amazing to have been given the chance to start again, to reclaim my life from depression.
I started a You Tube Channel to document my journey to help others in the uk and abroad who are going through the same thing.

Unfortunately, after loosing such a huge amount of weight, I have been left with huge amounts of excess skin on my stomach arms and thighs.
I get sores in the folds of skin, It gets sore and uncomfortable. I have to tuck my skin into my clothing. It makes me feel very down and insecure having so much skin ‘flapping’ about.

At the moment, the NHS doesn’t cover follow up procedures for extreme weight loss, so the only options I have are to find the money or live with it.
I am finding living with it very difficult and depressing. I don’t show it, but I feel horrible under my clothes.
I am hoping to raise funds to help me to achieve my dream of having surgery to remove the excess skin on my stomach.
I have had a consultation and need a procedure called a Fluer de lis. This will cost £6,600.

The excess skin causes alot of emotional and physical difficulties and would mean the world to me to have this surgery. After fighting for 5 years to get the surgery and permanently changing my life so drastically to be able to lose the weight, I’d love the chance to be left with a body that fits!

I of course would continue to make videos as I go along the journey of having Abdominoplasty, and would log every step of the way in the hope to help others who are in the same situation.

If you can’t donate, please share with anyone you think may be able to help. Sharing is caring!!

Thank you for reading , Much love, Haze xx

June 26, 2017