Monthly Church Dates


Message`s & Love From Heaven Church Tour 2018


                                                  Friday 8th                                                  A Evening of Mediumship At Spiritual Awakening Starts at 19.30 The Old Court House East Grinstead RH19 3LT

Friday  15th
A Evening of
Mediumship At Sutton Spiritualist Church Starts at 18.45 St Barnabas Road, Sutton SM1 4NP

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Monthly Group meditation

Next meeting Sunday TBA 2019

At 11 oclock

Price £3 for a Hour

Meditating in a group is very powerful, There are many benefits to meditating with others. Meditation generates inner peace and the ability to connect with yourself at a deeper level. what a lovely way to set you up for the day & month

Workshops  & Circles Also Available

Spiritual Development Class
   Next Meeting Starts  At 19.30 – 21.30 cost is £10.00 Per person

More Details to Follow
Classes is a far easier way to develop your mediumistic abilities & skills. If you can work with a group of between six and ten people with a common objective. You can encourage one another, learn from one another, have others to practice with, and aid each other’s progress. Working together will quicken the spiritual growth of each of you in ways that would be hard to achieve on your own, and your collective  energy will push you all forward. When people work together in a circle not only do their individual spiritual energies combine but also the spirit guides and helpers from the next world add to this energy, so that the total energy available to the group becomes greater than the sum of its parts. In a good circle the air will buzz with powerful energy


£25 for the day 10.30 till 4

Drinks provided you just need to bring a packed lunch

  • Past life regression Always wondered what you were in a past life come and have a day learning about it, on the day you will have two go s so maybe you had more then one…..
  • First time on Platform Ready to open up and work with the world of Spirit ? Come and have a fun day Learning your Skills,
  • Meeting your Guide s wanted to know who is there to help you, let me help you meet your guide for the first time on this lovely fun day
  • Sitting in the power A great way to clear your mind and connect with the light and to enjoy a full powerful, feeling and learning how to open and close with little fuss ready to work.
  • Learn how to connect Are you on a path of personal and spiritual awareness? Do you find yourself facing challenges in your life right now? Come and find out where your connection lies
  • Spirit or ego Do you worry about a true message or your inner self come along and learn to separate them both.
  • One to ones. Thinking of starting with private readings to practice and not how to start or ready to take the next step to offer as a service and making sure you do the best by your client of what to say not too, come along and have a workshop all set up to answer all your questions and give you a chance to have a go in a happy environment.

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