Hypnosis is used a relaxation technique that uses the power of suggestion to help people conquer their problems. 

Graham Watson has a professional diploma in Transpersonal and Clinical Hypnotherapy and uses his skill and experience to help clients defeat their biggest problems. Hypnosis isn’t all controlling. In fact, when under hypnosis you are in full control, and can even bring yourself out of the hypnotic state if you would like to.

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Past Life Regression

Past life readings are slightly different to past life regressions. The latter is provided directly by a psychic medium and is suitable for anyone inquisitive about their previous life. It uses hypnosis to discover memories of your past incarnations, and learn about yourself.  

Losing Weight

A poor, unhealthy relationship with food can leave you lacking in confidence. Using hypnotherapy, Graham can help you develop a new, positive relationship with the things you eat, and help you regain confidence. End the fight with food, and call today on 07951 509760. 

Driving Test Nervousness

Having spent time as a driving instructor, Graham understands how nerves can ruin your driving test. He offers hypnotherapy sessions on the day to help centre your nerves and give you the best possible chance of passing without issue. 

Quitting Smoking

Smoking is an addiction that can take a long time to defeat. You may have tried to quit before without success. If so, hypnotherapy may be the best solution, helping you cut the cravings, save money, and live a healthier lifestyle. 

About Hypnotherapy

Some experts see it as a relaxation technique that uses the power of suggestion.

I have a Professional Diploma in Transpersonal and Clinical Hypnotherapy, which is recognised by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and The Hypnotherapy Association.   I Trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with The Hummingbird Effect Academy, I trained personally with Denise Collins who is a well respected and experienced NLP trainer, accredited by John Grinder one of the original co founders of NLP

You are fully in control when under hypnosis and don't have to take on the therapist's suggestions if you don't want to. If necessary, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state.

When you shouldn't use hypnotherapy ?
You shouldn't use hypnotherapy if you suffer from Psychosis or have a personality disorder as it could make these conditions worse.

Children should not be hypnotised by anyone who is not trained to work with this age group..  I am however trained to work with children and I have a fullEnhanced CRB.

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I am located near Chessington  in surrey  just a stone's throw from from the local  railway station with direct links to Victoria, Waterloo and London Bridge.

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